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PG Diploma in Diet and Nutrition


Our program integrates modern medicine and science with the natural approach of Ayurveda — and teaches you how to use them together to create optimal health.

  • To have an understanding as to how to meet our service users nutritional needs
  • To have an awareness of food hygiene regulations and to be able to put them into practice
  • Understand the importance of a well-balanced diet, including the importance of fluids
  • Understand the legislations relating to food hygiene and nutritional requirements for service users
  • Understand the basics of food hygiene and the consequences if they are not adhered to

The Diploma in Diet & Nutrition allows students to gain a solid understanding of nutritional science linked to dietary factors, health conditions and chronic diseases. Modules in the program cover lifestyle and industry case studies, and give students a chance to apply their knowledge in sports nutrition, clinical nutrition and other health fields. 


PG Diploma in Astrology

Maharishi Jyotisha is the Vedic discipline of prediction and transformation and has its basis in the Unified Field of Natural Law which underlies all relative values of time and space.This cosmic intelligence of Nature, which is displayed in the beauty and precision of the movement of the Sun, Moon, planets and stars, is also lively in the deepest level of human intelligence, the field of Transcendental Consciousness.

His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Ji



Maharishi Jyotisha is the Vedic Discipline of prediction and transformation and has its basis in the United Field of Natural Law which underlines all relative of time and space

PG Diploma in Astrology is a program that offers an enveloping study of the theoretical and practical features of the curriculum. Astrology is a science of study what is possible opportunity and threats in near future, various diseases and controls varied health issues without the use of prescriptions or medicines, just by taking care of during the particular time and worshiping the trouble giving planets.

The programme at Maharishi University (MUIT), prepares students for a flourishing career in the field of Astrology. We assure that the curriculum is a combination of core, proficient, professional and advanced courses. The course has been designed to equip students with the comprehensive understanding of the principles, techniques and applications of astrology, covering topics such as planetary positions, astrological charts, celestial cycles, and their influence on human life, a practical aspect of life, forthcoming up and downs, holistic health through the ancient Vedic knowledge but with standardization on the contemporary platform.

It aims to provide holistic understanding to a student interested in pursuing studies in the discipline. It builds a very practical foundation and opens a brilliant path for the students for entering into entrepreneurship. The students can pursue careers in therapy – as governments are appointing astrologers in hospitals, as teacher, can start his own entrepreneurship with immediate effect and with handsome and huge amount of earnings immediately on completing the course.

Career Prospects

The course opens the paths to the domains where the careers are presenting in nature and provide various work opportunities for the candidates after its successful completion. The varied profiles on which the candidates can work after the completion of the course are:

  • Can open his own office for reading the horoscopes
  • Can get job as many hospitals are appointing astrologers 
  • Textbook Rewriters
  • Can apply this complete knowledge to help other in one’s education, health, management, economics, architecture & city planning.

    • 1. PG Diploma in Diet and Nutrition

    1. 1 years (2 semesters)

  • Eligibility Criteria :

    Graduation minimum 45% marks for Gen and 40% for SC/ST/PWD

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