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BA in Consciousness and Human Potential


The BA in Consciousness & Human Potential (CHP) integrates personal experience, philosophy of mind, neuroscience, and ancient wisdom. Our goal for every student is enlightenment — the systematic development of full potential from within. This is the key to true fulfillment in daily life and any career. Enliven your innermost Self – pure consciousness – and connect this experience to ancient wisdom and modern science by exploring the models of human development across the lifespan.

This course delves into Piaget’s cognitive development model, Loevinger and Cook-Greuter’s ego or self-development models, Kohlberg’s moral development model, and the Science and Technology of Consciousness of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. The program aims to enrich modern education with Vedic thought and equip the next generation for holistic success. Pursuing a Bachelors in Vedic studies can bridge the gap between Vedic knowledge and modern discourse. Graduates can pursue careers such as astrologers, textbook rewriters, theological discourser, Vedic historians, and more. Join us in this journey towards a deeper understanding of the human experience.

The study of Maharishi Vedic Science develops the full potential of the knower and lays the foundation for complete knowledge of any discipline, while it fosters evolution to higher states of consciousness and progressive and fulfilling action and accomplishment in life. Its principles and technologies are based on the direct experience and understanding of the most vital element in life — the unbounded field of consciousness that is the inner intelligence at the basis of every individual and the entire universe.

Career Prospects

The course opens the paths to the domains where the careers are presenting in nature and provide many job opportunities for the candidates after its successful completion. The varied profiles on which the candidates can work after the completion of the course are:

  • Textbook Rewriters
  • Theological Discourses
  • Vedic Historians
  • Professors in University
  • Researcher, exploring the ancient wisdom of the Vedas and its applications in the modern society.

It is the intelligence that administers the universe and we can apply this complete knowledge in education, health, management, economics, political science, agriculture, defense, architecture & city planning. Vedic sciences include yoga, astrology, vastu, and meditation etc. Travel industry, academic institutions, welfare organizations all offer excellent employment opportunities for qualified professionals of Vedic sciences.

    • 1. BA

    • 2. BA (Hons)

    1. 3 years (6 semesters)

    2. 4 years (8 semesters)

  • Eligibility Criteria :

    10+2 minimum 35% marks for Gen and 33% for SC/ST/PWD

  • *As per Four Year Undergraduate Programme and NEP 2020 framework. It is also based upon the evaluation scheme by MUIT

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