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In India, the animation and multimedia industries are thriving. A career in animation and multimedia is financially rewarding. The demand for skilled professionals is increasing not only in India but also internationally.
Animation and multimedia is a thriving industry that exposes students to the domain, familiarises them with the industry, and provides in-depth knowledge. A general course may provide a certificate, but it will not fully prepare you with accurate knowledge. Additionally, there is a huge chance of success in this field. The likelihood of students enrolling in this course is rising as a result of the dominance of digital media and advertising firms in the corporate world today. Having said that, we at MUIT also have a strong placement track record. We make sure that our students are well-equipped to meet the demands of the workplace and build a name for themselves in the multimedia and animation industries. This course, which was especially created for people who are interested in professions in animation and multimedia, will give students the chance to study the essentials both conceptually and practically.
The Animation and VFX School at MUIT, or Maharishi University of Information Technology, aims to prepare you to work as a professional artist in the AVGC (Animation, Visual Effects, Gaming, Comics) industry. We concentrate on core techniques and creative aspects rather than software tools. Our holistic approach allows students to learn more effectively. We train novice students in this manner so that they gain technical knowledge of software as well as aesthetic knowledge of artistic sense. We emphasize collaborative learning and providing students with personalized attention. Regular competitions allow them to assess their knowledge and abilities. Portfolio creation is completed at the end of the course with the assistance of our experienced faculty.

Benefits of Animation and Visual Effects

Animation and Visual Effects (VFX) offer unparalleled benefits, revolutionizing storytelling, education, and communication. In entertainment, they create immersive experiences, pushing creative boundaries in movies, TV, and gaming. Education benefits from animated simulations, simplifying complex concepts for enhanced learning. Marketing leverages animated content for brand appeal, and architecture benefits from dynamic design visualization. In healthcare, animation aids in illustrating intricate medical procedures. The gaming industry thrives on realistic VFX, while global collaboration and cost-effective prototyping make animation indispensable across various industries, demonstrating its transformative impact on communication, creativity, and visual storytelling.

The Future Prospects of Animation

The future of animation holds exciting prospects driven by technological advancements. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) integration will elevate immersive experiences, while real-time animation and AI-powered tools will enhance efficiency. Block chain may secure intellectual property, and 3D printing integration could bridge the digital-physical gap. Cross-media collaboration and personalized content are likely to reshape storytelling. A focus on ethical, inclusive animation and sustainable practices will gain prominence. Education, healthcare, and diverse industries will continue to benefit, creating a dynamic landscape where animation remains a key player in innovation, creativity, and global communication.


Career Opportunities after Animation and Visual Effects

•    Film and Television Industry
•    Animator    
•    Storyboard Artist    
•    Gaming Industry
•    Game Animator    
•    Environment Artist    
•    UI/UX Designer    
•    Advertising and Marketing
•    Motion Graphics Designer
•    Visual Effects Supervisor
•    Architectural Visualization
•    Architectural Animator
•    Education and Training
•    Animation Instructor
•    Training Specialist      
•    Medical Animation
•    Medical Animator
•    Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)
•    VR/AR Developer
•    Freelance and Entrepreneurship
•    Freelance Animator/VFX Artist    
•    Start your own Studio




    • 1. Bachelor of Animation / Bachelor of Animation (Hons)

    1. 3 years (6 semesters) / 4 years (8 semesters)

  • Eligibility Criteria :

    10+2 minimum 35% marks for Gen and 33% for SC/ST/PWD

  • *As per Four Year Undergraduate Programme and NEP 2020 framework. It is also based upon the evaluation scheme by MUIT

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