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“Parent Teacher Meeting”

A Report on

“Parent Teacher Meeting”

 14th May 2022

Organized by: Maharishi law School in coordination with IQAC

Objective of the Meeting: The Parent Teacher Meeting was organized on 14th May, 2022 to discuss about students’ progress and performance at the institute. The goal was to build a healthy relationship with the students and parents. The parents were intimated about the meeting well in advance through network administrator and mentors.

Parent-teacher meeting was organized in Maharishi Law School on the 14th May 2022. The main aim of this meeting was to discuss the progress of the students at law school.

Teachers provided detailed insights into students' academic performance, highlighting their strengths and areas needing improvement. They discussed strategies to enhance learning outcomes and shared resources to support students' academic growth. Teachers discussed students' behavior in the classroom and shared observations on their social interactions and participation in extracurricular activities. Parents were encouraged to voice their concerns and queries regarding their child's education. Teachers patiently addressed each concern, providing clarity and guidance wherever needed. The PTM facilitated meaningful interactions between parents and teachers, fostering a collaborative approach towards students' education.

Dr. KB Asthana, Dean MLS; Dr. Trapti Varshney, Assistant Professor; Mr. Arun Kumar, Assistant Professor; Ms. Shritu Anand Assistant Professor and other faculty members successfully attended the students and Parents and resolved the queries as well.