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A Report on



11th July, 2023

Organized by: Maharishi Law School in coordination with IQAC

Objective of the Symposium: MUIT, NOIDA, organized a symposium on “Uniform Civil Code” under the guidance and Direction of Dr. Trapti Aggarwal, Dean Academics, MUIT and Prof. (Dr.) K.B. Asthana, Dean Maharishi Law School with the prime objectives as under:

  • To provide the legal fraternity and academia a common platform where they can express their free, frank and fair opinion (both in favor and against) on   much talked about topic of Uniform Civil Code.
  • To sharpen writing and presenting skills of intellectual participants on legal issues pertaining to Uniform Civil Code..
  • To participate and have joy of contributing to the process of legislation making on Uniform Civil Code.
  • To distribute certificate to the participation accordingly.

The symposium on "Uniform Civil Code" was organized by Maharishi Law School, affiliated with Maharishi University of Information Technology. Hosted online, the event aimed to deliberate on the concept of a Uniform Civil Code (UCC) in India, which has been a subject of debate and discussion for decades. The symposium brought together legal experts, scholars, policymakers, and students to explore the complexities and implications of implementing a UCC. The symposium featured interactive panel discussions where participants engaged in lively debates on various aspects of the UCC. Constitutional Validity: Participants debated the constitutional validity of a UCC in light of Article 44 of the Indian Constitution and its implications for fundamental rights. Gender Justice: Discussions focused on the potential of a UCC to address gender disparities and ensure equal rights for women in matters of marriage, divorce, and inheritance. Cultural Sensitivity: Panelists deliberated on the need to respect cultural diversity while promoting legal uniformity, considering the sensitivities of different religious and ethnic communities.

The symposium on "Uniform Civil Code" provided a platform for informed discussions and exchange of ideas among legal experts, scholars, and stakeholders. While recognizing the complexities and challenges involved, participants expressed optimism about the potential of a UCC to promote equality, justice, and social cohesion in India. The event concluded with a call for continued dialogue, research, and collaborative efforts to pave the way for meaningful reforms in civil laws.