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“How to write Good Synopsis”

A Report on

Workshop-cum-Guest Lecture on

“How to write Good Synopsis”

14th February, 2021

Organized by: Maharishi law School in coordination with IQAC.

Objective of the Event: A session on ‘Guest Lecture’ was conducted on the 14th   February, 2021 virtually by the Maharishi Law School. Prof. Dr. K.B. Asthana, were the Facilitators for the event. Maharishi Law School organized a workshop titled "How to Write a Good Synopsis" specifically designed for PhD students. The workshop aimed to provide doctoral candidates with valuable insights and guidance on crafting an effective synopsis for their research projects. The event featured esteemed guest speaker Prof. (Dr.) G.S Karkara, Professor at RNB University of Bikaner and former Vice Chancellor of Maharaj Vinayak Global University.

The workshop commenced with an introduction by the organizers, highlighting the importance of a well-written synopsis in the research process. Dr. G.S Karkara, with his extensive academic and administrative experience, then proceeded to delve into the intricacies of synopsis writing, offering practical tips and strategies to the participants.
The workshop featured an interactive session where participants had the opportunity to seek clarification on specific aspects of synopsis writing, share their own experiences and challenges, and engage in discussions with Dr. Karkara.

Outcome of the event:

The workshop on "How to Write a Good Synopsis, “organized by Maharishi Law School for PhD students, provided valuable guidance and insights into the art of synopsis writing. Dr. G.S Karkara's expertise and engaging delivery empowered participants to approach synopsis writing with clarity, confidence and precision. Maharishi Law School extends gratitude to Dr. Karkara, the organizers, and participants for their contributions to the success of the workshop and looks forward to organizing similar initiatives in the future to support doctoral research endeavors.