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Nukkad Natak “Cyber Bullying”

A Report on

Nukkad Natak

“Cyber Bullying”

13th February 2024

Organized by: Maharishi Law School in coordination with IQAC

Objective of the Event: The Nukkad Natak was organized by Maharishi Law School, which aims to raise awareness about cyberbullying, its various forms, and the detrimental effects it can have on mental health and well-being. The event aimed to raise awareness about the growing menace of cyberbullying and its various forms, impacts, and preventive measures.

Participating Students: 20 students of BA. LLB., BBA. LLB., and LLB.

A Nukkad Natak was organized by the Legal Aid Committee of Maharishi Law School. It was successfully organized under the guidance of Prof. (Dr.) K.B. Asthana Dean MLS, Dy. Dean Dr. Amita Rathi, Mr. Vikas Kumar (Assistant Professor), Mr. Arun Kumar (Assistant Professor), Ms. Prabha Tripathi (Assistant Professor), and Ketan Kumar (Teaching Assistant).

The event started with the members of the play showcasing various instances of cyber bullying. It educated the audience on cyberbullying and various types of fraud. Through this creative medium, we intended to spark discussions, promote empathy, and encourage positive online behavior amongst our students. The members of the street play displayed varied emotions, delivering an impactful message to the audience.

The Nukkad Natak "Cyber bullying" served as an impactful initiative to address a critical societal issue. By combining artistic expression with educational messaging, the event succeeded in fostering awareness, empathy, and dialogue among participants. It reinforced the school's commitment to promoting social justice and responsible citizenship in the digital age. The audience applauded the efforts of the students, thereby making it a successful event.