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“World Cyber Security Summit”

A Report on

“World Cyber Security Summit”

29th -30th October 2022

Organized by: Maharishi Law School in coordination with IQAC

Objective of the Summit: Cybersecurity has become a major concern and issue of discussion in all sectors because of advancements in technology and everyone's reliance on digital media. Workplaces, classrooms, meetings, and everything else came on a virtual platform during lockdown due to COVID-19, where we were not well equipped or trained to use online platforms while ensuring that we were secure online. The instances of phishing, false and fabricated URLs, misinformation being spread online, zoom bombing, etc. are increasing gradually. Therefore, cyber security has become a vital aspect for everyone, including companies, individuals, and the government, and there is no sector that remains unaffected by a cyberattack. This summit is an attempt to discuss the issue and hear from experts on this subject matter.

The World Cyber Security Summit-2022, organized by Maharishi Law School and convened on the 29th  and 30th of October 2022, was an exceptional event that brought together experts, professionals, and enthusiasts in the field of cybersecurity. Hosted with the aim of addressing contemporary challenges, sharing insights, and fostering collaborations, the summit provided a platform for extensive discussions and deliberations. The summit commenced with an overview of the current cyber threat landscape, highlighting emerging trends, vulnerabilities, and attack vectors. Discussions revolved around the evolving nature of cyber threats and the need for proactive defense mechanisms. Sessions focused on the importance of data privacy and protection in an increasingly interconnected world. Experts delved into regulatory frameworks, best practices, and technological solutions aimed at safeguarding sensitive information. The concept of cyber resilience gained prominence during the summit, emphasizing the need for organizations to effectively prepare, respond, and recover from cyber incidents. Strategies for enhancing resilience, including incident response planning and business continuity measures, were thoroughly examined. Eminent speakers from diverse backgrounds graced the summit with their expertise and insights.