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On April 24, 2024, the Department of Media at Maharishi University of Information Technology, Sector 110, Noida, organized an Industrial Visit for BA-JMC (2nd Sem) students to Amar Ujala Limited, Noida. The objective of this visit was to familiarize students with the workings of a newspaper, including news compilation, editing, page design, and printing processes. The group consisted of 27 students and two faculty members from the Department of Media.

A group of 27 students of Media Department and respective faculty members Dr. Shambhoo Sharan Gupta and Mr. Arvind Kumar Singh along with Mr. Pramod Kumar Satsangi, Admin Head Incharge, Mr. Sushil Pandey, Deputy Editor, Printing Department of Amar Ujala Limited, Noida. Chief Mr. Ashish Goyal provided guidance on behalf of Amar Ujala Limited. The students were filled with anticipation and excitement as their Head Dr. Shambhoo Sharan Gupta encouraged them and facilitated this inspiring occasion.

Before their departure, the students received warm waves and best wishes from their Dean Academic, Dr. Trapty Agarwal. The group set off from the university promptly at 10:00 AM and arrived at the Amar Ujala Limited Head Office in Noida at approximately 10:35 AM.

During the visit, the students had the opportunity to observe the advanced technology involved in the printing of daily newspapers at the press. They were amazed by the technologically advanced equipment being used. The students were informed that the newspaper covers a wide range of topics, including political issues, sports, education, health, career, auto, technology, business, lifestyle, women, and entertainment.

Amar Ujala also organized a session for the students, where they were given insights into the functioning of the press. The students learned that the shelf life of a newspaper is only 30 to 40 minutes, and efficient distribution is crucial. Furthermore, Amar Ujala also publishes news online, covering local, national, and global aspects. During the session, the students had the opportunity to ask questions related to print media, which were answered with precision and care.

The industrial visit to Amar Ujala Limited, Noida, was highly informative for all the students from the Media Department. They were thrilled to learn about the newspaper printing and publishing process, as well as how newspapers are delivered to customers' homes on time. This visit was a valuable learning experience for the Department of Media students at MUIT, providing them with insights into the intricacies of print media. Finally, the students expressed their gratitude to their guides and all the staff at Amar Ujala Limited for their valuable guidance.

It is worth noting that Amar Ujala is a Hindi-language daily newspaper published in India since 1948. The newspaper has received numerous awards and recognition for its contribution. It has 22 editions, covering 179 districts across six states and two union territories, with a circulation of approximately two million copies.

Outcomes of the Visit:

1. The students from the media department gained comprehensive knowledge about print media, including news writing, compilation, editing, printing, and broadcasting through the Amar Ujala Industrial Visit.

2. The visit also strengthened the spirit of teamwork among the students, as they witnessed the printing machines in action during the Amar Ujala Industrial Tour.

Returning with Knowledge and Hope:

At 1 pm, the students concluded their visit to Amar Ujala and returned to Maharishi University of Information Technology, Noida. This journey was not merely physical, but a knowledge-filled experience that enhanced the students' understanding of print media and expanded their thinking horizons.