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“Jagran CSR Summit 2024: Celebrating A Decade of CSR in India”

“Jagran CSR Summit 2024: Celebrating A Decade of CSR in India”

 13th April, 2024 (Saturday)

10:00 AM to 03:00 PM

Organised by: Maharishi School of Business Management

Objective of the Event: To offer students a unique opportunity to engage with the latest trends and developments in CSR, gain valuable insights and skills, and be part of a broader movement towards creating a more sustainable and inclusive world.

Participating Students: A total of 39 students from MBA, BBA and B.Com along with 01 faculty member, Dr. Ashish Gupta, Assistant Professor, SOBM, were the primary attendees of the event.

The visit to "Jagran CSR Summit 2024: Celebrating a Decade of CSR in India”  was organized by Pehel, A social initiative by Jagran on April 13, 2024 (Saturday) at Hotel Crown Plaza, Okhla, New Delhi.

The Jagran CSR Summit 2024 was an annual event dedicated to the exploration and advancement of corporate social responsibility (CSR) practices in India. As a flagship gathering, it brought together industry leaders, policymakers, NGOs, academia, and other stakeholders to discuss pertinent issues, share insights, and foster collaboration towards sustainable development.

The event commenced with an engaging speech by Mr Rusen Kumar, Founder, India CSR.  He discussed about the challenges faced by business entities while implementing CSR. He focused on the need to present the CSR data within the period of 4 months to analyse the perspectives for achieving social development goals. The next speaker, Dr. Vikram Singh, Chancellor, Noida International University, addressed topics such as the evolution of CSR in India, its emerging trends, and future directions for sustainable development.

Furthermore the event was continued by one of the outstanding speakers Dr. Bhaskar Chatterjee, CEO, Anil Agrawal Foundation who began his speech by explaining Section 135 of Companies Act 2013 focusing on CSR and discussed that the government's objectives for promoting CSR in India was to harness the potential of businesses as key stakeholders, fostering inclusive growth, and addressing pressing social and environmental challenges for the benefit of society as a whole.

Additionally, the event was concluded by a book launching ceremony, introducing two excellent books: "Role Of Responsible Business In Making Atmanirbhar Bharat" by "Shri Sitaram Gupta" and "Strategies For Career Success And Corporate Responsibility” written by Shri Nirbhay.

The session gave students an opportunity to interact with dignitaries and provided students with a rich learning experience, enabling them to deepen their knowledge, expand their networks, and gain inspiration to contribute meaningfully to CSR initiatives and sustainable development efforts in India.

Overall, attending the CSR summit was a transformative experience for students, providing them with valuable knowledge, skills, connections, and inspiration to become effective leaders and advocates for CSR and sustainable development in their future careers and endeavors.