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Debate Competition LAW

Maharishi Law School, Maharishi University of Information Technology, Noida organised a Debate Competition as a part of the Student Skill Enhancement Program on 23-09-2022. The title selected for the competition was “Sedition as a Law or Weapon for Government”. As we are aware, Sedition Law is a colonial legacy in India which exists in our nation since 1870. The Sedition Law is laid down in Section 124A of the IPC according to which if a person by words, either spoken or written, or by signs, or by visible representation, brings or attempts to bring  hatred or contempt, or excites or attempts to excite disaffection towards, the Government estab­lished by law in [India], will be charged with sedition. Sir Thomas Macaulay included the Sedition Law in his draft proposition in 1837, but it was not part of the IPC 1860, it was later incorporated by1870 amendment.


Students were allowed to debate both in Hindi and English. Each team were given 5 minutes for opening statement and 4 minutes for rebuttal, which was then followed by the questioning from the judging panel. Altogether there were 12 teams which took part in the competition, and out of which the three best teams were awarded with prizes.

KIRTI BEDI (3rd Sem) & GUNJAN SINGH CHAUHAN (1st Sem) 2nd runner up, AYUSH TRIPATHI (3rd Sem) & DHANANJAY TRIPATHI (3rd Sem) 1st runner up, and SHRADHA JOSHI (7th Sem) & AAHOOTI SUBEDI (3rd Sem) was declared the winner of the Debate Competition. A cash of Rs 1000/-, Rs 800/- and Rs 500/- and a certificate of appreciation was given to the winner and runner-ups respectively.

Winners of the essay writing competition were awarded by Dean, School of Law, Dr K.B Asthana, Dean, School of Business Studies, Dr Smita, and Deputy Dean, School of Law, Dr Annu Bahl Mehra at Noida campus. 

List of Organizers and Volunteers: - Anirudh Modi (3rd Sem), Deepshika (1st Sem), Ashish (3rd Sem), Sumukh Agarwal (1st Sem), Aayush Kumar (3rd Sem), Deepak Tomar.