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International Conference on ‘Human Rights: Challenges and Solutions

On February 11, 2023, a one-day international conference on "Human Rights Challenges and Solutions" was organized by Maharishi Law College in collaboration with My Lawman and the Criminological Research and Development Organization (CRDO) at Maharishi University of Information Technology. The conference commenced at 9:30 a.m. with Guru Puja and Vandana in the university auditorium. Professor K. B. Asthana, Dean of the Maharishi Law School, officially opened the conference. He underlined the significance of fundamental duties, highlighted current human rights concerns, and provided solutions to these issues. Dr. Trapty Agrawal, Dean Academics, spoke at the opening remarks and discussed the function and significance of research in the area of human rights. The keynote speaker of this conference, Honorable Mr. Justice V.N. Sinha, former Judge of the Patna High Court, and Chief Guest, Hon'ble Justice S.K. Mishra, former Judge of the Delhi High Court, discussed the historical development of human rights and the importance of coexistence and different cultures and traditions.

Director General Prof. Gp Capt. O.P. Sharma welcomed all the guests and participants. He, too, presented his paper for the conference, titled "Human Rights and Self-Governance: Much Talk and Less Walk," and expressed his concern about the poor implementation of human rights at the grass-roots level. The objective of the conference was to provide a platform to discuss the latest issues in the field of human rights and highlight possible solutions to the problems. Vikas Kumar Sharma (Asst. Prof.) and Nancy Srivastava (Asst. Prof.) hosted the inaugural ceremony.


Speaking on the occasion, Professor Bhanu Pratap Singh, Vice-Chancellor of the University, focused on the importance of human rights, how it is an inherent value for all human beings, andthe need to incorporate the rights of all while drafting new legislation. The conference discussed the latest issues in the field of human rights and possible solutions to the current challenges. The Hon'ble Chancellor Ajay Prakash Srivastava briefed on His Holiness Maharishi Yogi Ji's principles and his perspective on human rights. He emphasized creating awareness about the value and significance of human rights such as the right to a good environment, the right to employment, and the right to health.

Among the international scholars at the conference, Prof. Douglas Castro, School of Law, Lanzhai University, China, spoke about the collective efforts needed to make the implementation of human rights effective and the need for equal treatment of all human beings. Dr. Mehrdad Rayejian Asli, Associate Professor of The Institute for Research & Development in the Humanities (SAMT) and Adjunct Professor of Allame Tabatabaei University (ATU), Tehran, Iran, also joined the closing session and highlighted the importance of the global corporation on issues of human rights.

This international conference organized a total of five technical sessions in which participants from various educational institutions, scholars, advocates, judges, educationists, and students from India and abroad participated. The session was attended by Mr. Varun Srivastava, Chief Finance Officer; Deans and Deputy Deans; Mr. Sunil Mishra, Human Resource Head; Mr. Neel Mahapatra, Director, Business Development; and faculty members and students.

Dr. Annu Behl Mehra, Deputy Dean, and Dean, MLS, gave closing remarks at the conference in which they conveyed their sincere gratitude to the university for giving the MLS team the chance to plan this amazing conference. They thanked all the guests, participants, and Team MLS for making the event a success.

At the end of the day, during the valedictory function of the program, the Chief Guest, Hon'ble Mr. Justice Rajesh Tandon, former Judge of Uttarakhand High Court, addressed all the students and participants of MUIT, Noida Campus, and praised the conference and the importance of human rights. He highlighted the latest challenges in the field.

During the conference, attendees had the opportunity to attend various technical sessions and discuss topics such as Nuclear Weapons Security: A Threat to Human Rights, Online Gender-Based Violence: An Evolving Form of Cyber Crime, Discrimination against Women in India, etc. These technical sessions were divided into 5 different technical sessions, and were chaired by a respected panel-

Technical session No.

Technical Session Topic




Concept      of      Human      Rights- National Perspective

Prof (Dr.) CJ Rawandale, Director Symbiosis Law College, Noida

  1. Prof. (Dr.) Douglas Castro, Professor of International Law in the Law School - Lanzhou University (Lanzhou, China)


  1. Dr.  Neelam  Tyagi,

Associate Professor, University of Delhi


Interntational Human Rights Law and Next Generation Rights

Prof. (Dr.) Bagish Chandra Nirmal, Former Vice Chancellor, NUSRL, Ranchi Former, Head & Dean, Law School, Banaras                                   Hindu University, Varanasi

  1. Dr. Balram Raut, Associate Professor, Nepal Law Campus, Tribhuvan University.


  1. Dr. Mehrdad Rayejian Asli, Associate Professor of The Institute for Research & Development in Humanities (SAMT), and Adjunct Professor of Allame Tabatabaei University (ATU), Tehran, Iran


Violation of Human Rights And Allied Concepts

Prof (Dr.) Pankaj Kumar Chaturvedi, Dean, Ranchi University

  1. Dr.     Swikar        Lama, Assistnat                Professor,

National                Forensic Science University


  1. Dr. Adetutu Aina- Pelemo, Senior Lecturer, Redeemer's University, Nigeria


Emerging Trends and Human rights

Prof. (Dr.) SP Srivastava, Dean, Central University of South Bihar

  1. Dr. KB Asthana, Dean, Maharishi Law School


  1. Dr. Annu Bahl Mehra,

Dy. Dean, Maharishi Law School



Dr. Sunil Aggarwal, Member, Indian Society of International Law, Former Joint Director, National Security Council

Secretariat, Govt of India

1. Dr. Md. Buhary Murshid, Lecturer South Eastern University of Sri Lanka


Shri Abhilash Agarwal and Shri Raman Bhardwaj of the Central University of Haryana, Mahendergarh, were awarded the best research paper for their paper "Right to marry the person of your choice and right to inter-religious marriage" during the valedictory function.

The conference concluded with a closing address by Dr. Annu Behl Mehra, Deputy Dean, MLS, thanked the university and the organising team for their efforts in making the event a success. Overall, the conference provided a platform for scholars, activists, and policymakers to come together and discuss the challenges facing human rights and possible solutions. The conference organisers and attendees must be commended for their efforts to promote greater awareness and understanding of this important topic.