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Maharishi School of Sciences and Humanities site visit at the India Expo International Exhibition on Renewable Energy

Embarking on a Journey towards Sustainable Tomorrow
A Visit to the South Asia's Leading Show on Renewable Energy

In a world where sustainability and environment friendly practices have become paramount, the quest for renewable energy sources is nothing short of a crusade. The School of Sciences and Humanities at Maharishi University of Information Technology, Noida took a significant step towards illuminating the students to a greener future by organizing an educational visit to the South Asia's Leading Show on Renewable Energy held at India Expo Centre, Greater Noida. This expedition not only empowered the participating students but also emphasized the university's commitment to fostering environmental awareness and knowledge.

On October 6, 2023, 46 students were accompanied by their respective coordinators, Sukhman Randhawa from the Humanities Department and Dr. Nisha Kumari from the Sciences Department, on the road of innovation and sustainability. The anticipation was palpable as the Dean of School of Sciences and Humanities, Prof. (Dr) Archana Pandey filled the students with enthusiasm and created the opportunity for them to visit this inspiring place. With warm waves and best wishes of their Dean, the group left the university promptly at 10 AM and reached approximately at 10:45 AM.

Upon arrival, the students were greeted by the magnitude of the event. The India Expo Centre's sprawling halls were adorned with cutting-edge exhibits showcasing the latest advancements in the technology of renewable energy. Divided into three distinct groups, guided by their dedicated faculty members, the students entered three different halls, each dedicated to a unique facet of renewable energy: Hydro Energy, Solar Energy, and Wind Energy.

Exploring the Dynamic World of Hydro Energy
The first group ventured into the fascinating realm of Renewable Hydro Energy. Here, they were introduced to the principles of harnessing energy from flowing water, a concept that dates back centuries. In awe of the intricate systems and the sheer force of nature, students witnessed the incredible potential of hydroelectricity in transforming water's energy into a renewable power source. The experience was a testament to the harmony between human innovation and nature's gifts.

Investigating in the Brilliance of Solar Energy
The second group was immersed in the captivating world of solar power. They explored the intricacies of photovoltaic panels, solar thermal systems, and the transformation of sunlight into electrical power. In the radiant halls, students were enlightened about the inexhaustible potential of harnessing the sun's energy, an endeavour that is swiftly becoming a cornerstone of renewable energy.

Captivated by the Wind Energy
Here, the students encountered towering wind turbines that gracefully captured the power of the wind to generate electricity. Students were swept away by the elegance and efficiency of wind power as a clean, renewable energy source.

Outcomes of the Visit

  1. The visit encouraged students to explore the infinite possibilities that renewable energy offers. It broadened their horizons, inspiring them to consider careers and research opportunities in the field of sustainability.
  2. By witnessing first-hand, the incredible advancements in renewable energy technology, students bridged the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical applications.
  3. The visit instilled a profound sense of environmental awareness. Students learned about the pressing need to reduce carbon footprint and transition towards cleaner energy alternatives.
  4. Armed with a newfound understanding of renewable energy, students felt empowered to contribute positively to the world. They recognized the transformative potential they hold in their hands.
  5. Interacting with professionals and experts in the renewable energy industry, students had the chance to network and explore potential career paths in this dynamic and growing sector.

Returning with Knowledge and Hope

As the clock struck 3, our group concluded the visit, a little wiser and significantly more inspired. The return to campus at 3:45 marked the end of a beautiful visit into the world of renewable energy. The visit was not confined to a physical one but was full of knowledge, expedition that broadened the student’s horizon of thinking, and an adventure that sowed the seeds of hope for a sustainable and environment friendly conscious future.