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At Maharishi University, we always aim for the overall development of students. Inter-school competitions offer a platform to learn new skills and present themselves in front of others. It teaches students to step out of their comfort zone and perform new activities, which not only help them learn new skills but also boost their confidence and aid in the grooming of their personalities.

For this purpose, the Maharishi School of Business Studies hosted an interschool business plan competition, "MUIT Young Sharks," on April 29th, 2023, Saturday, at the MUIT Noida Campus. This competition was held with the aim of enhancing entrepreneurial skills among young people and inspiring them towards the spirit of Atmanirbhar Bharat.

Our chief guest and judge for the event was Mr. Rupin Chopra, an Associate Partner at S.S. Rana & Co., a New Delhi-based law firm. He has experience of almost 11 years and leads S.S. Rana& Co.’s IP Prosecution Team.
He is proficient in all aspects of trademark prosecution as well as misuse of trademarks, providing legal opinions related to trademarks in India, SAARC countries, and other foreign jurisdictions.

Various teams from different departments participated in the competition and presented their unique and innovative ideas through creative presentations, leaving an impressive mark on the audience.


The guest for the day, Mr. Rupin, appreciated all the presentations and provided valuable input to the students, which would help them achieve their goals. He gave many valuable suggestions to the teams. He highlighted the following points:

  • Innovation needs protection, and for this, intellectual property like copyrights, trademarks, and patents are quite necessary.
  • IPR gives creators control over their work and protects businesses from hackers and pirates.
  • Good and reliable research is essential for the success of any business idea.
  • Focus on your USP to get a competitive edge in the market and create a niche.


More than 50 students, along with all the deans and faculty members, attended the event. The Director General and Group Captain, Prof. O.P. Sharma, also graced the occasion. He also guided students with his motivating words.


The results were announced, prizes were distributed, and certificates and presents were given to the competition winners to mark the end of the event. Our Deputy Dean Academics and Dean of the School of Business Studies, Prof. (Dr.) Smita Mishra, gave a vote of gratitude at the conclusion and a symbol of appreciation to the chief guest.