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Exhibition of Pan-India Photo Journalists

The Maharishi School of Media was invited to the exhibition of Pan-India Photo Journalists, “THE BIG PICTURE-2023”, organized by All India Working News Cameramen’s Association held at India International Centre, 40, Max Mueller Marg, New Delhi-110003.

The exhibition organized at the Art Gallery, Kamladevi Complex, ICC, presents a vivid collection of  photographs captured by  photo journalists from all over the India, in the last few years. The photographs depicts the pain and sadness of everyday life during the pandemic, political happenings, sports events, wildlife, degrading weather and environment etc all over the India.

Photographs narrating life of daily wage workers, animals in the cities, beautiful buildings, birds perched on along the electric lines, elephants moving on the river bank, elders sitting and talking, are all depicting the slice of life of moving cities of India.

The event had the presence of Mr. S.N.Sinha, the leading photo journalist of India and Mr. Sandeep Shekhar another prominent photo journalist. Students of AKJ MCRC Jamia Milia Islamia University and students of MSM had heart-to-heart talks about photo journalism as career. The photographs exhibited reveal that India has much to offer and is a strong nation with varied cultures and has unity in harmony.

The exhibition was visited by Ms. Ritu Prashar, HOD, MSM, Mr. Shivam Yadav, Mr. Arvind Singh and Mr. Mohan Singh Rawat along with the students of Maharishi School of Media. It was a great learning visit for the department of MSM as Photo Journalism is the process of bringing news stories to the public through the use of images, including photographs and videos. Photographs make news stories more powerful because they help us to see the emotions of the people involved in the stories.