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The Maharishi School of Media organized a one-day FDP on “Changing Face of Media” on  Friday, January 20, 2023, from 11:00am to 3:00pm in the Seminar Hall, MUIT, Noida Campus.

The programme started with introduction and importance of the FDP by Ms. Ritu Prashar for Media faculties. She said that the main idea behind Faculty Development Programmes (FDPs) across the world is to “upskill” the teaching staff and to promote the professional practices relevant to technical education and also motivate the faculty to achieve competitive teaching and learning environment, thus channelizing development with respect to academic qualifications.

The first session was conducted by Mr. Ashok Shrivastav, Senior Consulting Editor & Anchor, DD News on ‘Importance of Content & Research in Media’. He spoke about Research in media focuses on the communication process and examines the relationships among the media organizations and the target audience.  He also said that Journalistic content is educational and informative, such as details about a new product or recent market trends that affect your potential customers. At the same time, the material must tell a story about your brand that engages readers and encourages them to interact.

The second session was conducted by Mr. Sumit Awasthi on ‘How to prepare students for Media Industry’. He spoke about Media literacy— that is, the ability to access, analyze, evaluate, and create media in a variety of forms—has become increasingly complex over recent years. With such a high volume of information now at our fingertips thanks to smartphones and search engines, today’s students will need to become more efficient at filtering what they see and hear. In other words, it’s more important now than ever before to teach media literacy


Ms. Ritu Prashar, HOD, MSM, conducting the third session on ‘Personality of Media Faculty’. She spoke about  how the personality of a media faculty should grows and develops as time proceeds. It needs constant self-direction towards sincerity, personal integrity, sociability, courtesy, morality, wisdom etc. These characteristics should be a part of one's teacher life. They are the necessary ingredients of a successful teacher/faculty.

All the faculties of MSM and faculties from various schools of MUIT, Noida Campus, energetically participated in the FDP and were pro-actively engaged in all the three sessions. The one-day FDP focused on evolution of Media faculties/teachers with new technologies, approaches for professional and industry related teaching.

All staff members and faculties of Maharishi School of Media viz, Ms. Ritu Prashar, Dr. Shambhoo Sharan Gupta, Ms. Bhavni Singh, Mr. Shivam Yadav, Mr.Sunil Kumar Yadav, and Mr. Mohan Singh Rawat, Mr. Arvind Singh and Mr. Nitin Saxena attended the Faculty Development Programme. The attendees also included Deans, Deputy Deans and faculties from different schools of MUIT Noida Campus.